What have you gained from your storm?

Have you ever endured a storm so long that you thought it would never end? Fighting to stand in the midst of harsh winds and torrential rains that left you feeling broken, shattered and torn apart? Thinking, How will I ever recover? Will life ever be the same?

The current pandemic may bring about similar feelings of fear and despair. You may be thinking, How long will we have to endure these high levels of panic and uncertainty? What does our future hold? Will life ever be the same? How will we come out of the storm? Will we be worse off than we were at the start? Will we be beaten and battered?
Torn and bruised?

According to experts, “A healthy tree is able to move (flex) in the wind,
which is exactly what prevents it from breaking apart during a storm.”

In the past few months, have you reaped any benefits of slowing down?
Even in the midst of the destructive and catastrophic hand of COVID-19, there are remnants of hope and victory. I’ve witnessed increased family time and healthier lifestyles as well as new hobbies being discovered and small businesses emerging.

What moves have you made to ensure that you and your family are at a better place coming out of the storm than you were going in?

Be motivated for greater. Choose faith over fear!

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