My Story

Have you ever felt hopeless? 

I have.
Raised in poverty. 
Product of a broken home. 
High school dropout. 
Teenage mother.  
A statistic on so many levels. 

Yet, my babies evoked hope in me.
Hope that they would not experience the same traumas that I experienced.
Hope that they would live care-free enough to dream big
and achieve every one of their aspirations.

This hope inspired me to work on me.
To return to school to earn my GED.
My Associate degree.
My Bachelor’s degree.
And Master’s degree.

What brings YOU hope?
What drives you to want to be your best self?
What motivates you to do more? 

No matter what situation you currently find yourself in,
Do not be paralyzed with despair!
Fight through.
Press forward.
Dig deep and find your fire.
Your purpose is greater than your present struggle.

Be motivated for greater. Choose faith over fear!

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